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England-based Dex is the UK’s first, forever 23-year-old Digital Human DJ. She is passionate about fashion and many genres of music including house and disco and is creating a unique mark in the music industry. 


With her creation in the metaverse and her live performances in the universe, Dex is enjoying a rapid rise to fame.

Growing up, music was such a pivotal aspect to her upbringing, she knew from the start that she wanted to work in the music industry, so she started mixing music in her bedroom from when she was first created. Loving the fact that her blended songs, could mix in an upbeat high-energy way, she could literally change someone’s mood in one song.

With the desire to become the UK’s first Digital Human DJ, she started playing to live audiences as a guest DJ at Disco Classical concerts, and DJ sets for Digital Fashion Week in NY, Paris & London. She threw herself into music full-time, pushing her fashion studies aside, however still passionate and active in helping support combating the issues fast fashion poses to the environment and hoping for her own phygital clothing range in the near future….

Dex posing for fashion photoshoot


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