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Virtual Influencer

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Virtual influencers have a highly engaged online following and can therefore help to increase brand visibility and reach, among a targeted audience.

They are not subject to the same challenges as human influencers, such as scheduling conflicts or burnout, and therefore can provide a more consistent and reliable partnership for a brand.

VI’s can be used to promote a brand or product in a more authentic way, as they are not influenced by personal motivations or biases.

With the ability to be customized to a brand’s specific needs and aesthetic, allowing for more seamless integration into marketing campaigns and other brand initiatives.

Virtual influencers have a strong digital presence and often have a strong social media following across different platforms, this can increase brand's visibility and make it more accessible to potential customers.

Brands are increasingly choosing to work with VI’s to create cost-effective campaigns, as they can be created and maintained at a lower cost than traditional celebrity or human influencers

Why you should work with Dex

With the development of Web3, AI integration and the Metaverse, brands are increasingly turning to virtual influencers to connect and build relationships with a new generation of customer, that both excites and inspires them.  

Fans feel a strong sense of connection to their favourite characters, this is the same for virtual Influencers.    Fans get a chance to follow Dex’s online content, interact with her via social media and this helps develop a parasocial relationship and nurture the connection between virtual influencer fans and brands.


Advantages of working with Dex

  • You have total control of your brand and Dex will only ever reflect your brand values

  • She is a talented DJ, fashion muse and totally adaptable for every roll

  • Dex is never late, rude, or uncooperative and speaks every language on the planet 

  • Working with Dex enables you to choose any location for the shoot in the world, and we will create this as an environment, saving the time and expenses of overseas production teams 

  • Supporting the Green Agenda – No flights required or high carbon travel, therefore your brands carbon neutral programmes 

  • Remove the high cost of creating your own high fidelity digital human

  • Speed to entry – to commission a bespoke avatar could be over six months. Dex is available to work with your brand immediately.

“I had a great experience working with Dex to promote our brand. The process was very quick and everything from the environment, to the movement and clothing were made exactly to my specifications"

Disco Classical, UK

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